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Photography Coaching

I have been mentoring a friend over the last 6 months as he transitions into the world as a full-time freelance photographer, and every time I came away from our monthly sessions, I felt so passionate and fulfilled about helping someone learn the craft I love and make it their career. I have a background in Sports coaching, did it from the ages of 14-21 and miss that part of my life. Now I feel like I can bring this back into my world and combine it with a craft I've managed to make a career from.

My guess if you're reading this is that you somewhat like photography, maybe want to explore it as a job or even have made the switch and are struggling with a few things. If so then these sessions are for you. Covering any topics or questions you might have, these sessions are aimed at the Beginner and intermediate level, as I use the last 6 years of industry experience to help speed up the learning process and find your feet with a camera in hand.  

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