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Queens of Air is a personal project that has been constructed throughout 2022. The piece consists of 50 diverse women, wearing 50 different pairs of Jordan 1 highs, in 50 different colour ways. Why 50? 2022 marks Nike's 50th anniversary. The piece combines my love of Jordans & and Polaroids and has been a labour of love whilst also learning more about the female sneaker community. Why Jordan 1s? I remember buying my first pair in 2018 while in New York. I instantly fell in love with this shoe and the history this silhouette brings. I've worn this shoe into the ground, they've seen miles of city concrete, and sticky club floors. They've travelled around the world with me and they've lasted this long, but I suppose good art does last, right?

It's a year's worth of work in one unique format that I've never seen before, and I'm proud to share this final piece with you— 50 queens in their own right, wearing one of the most iconic shoes of all time.

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